Just call me Rodeo

This is a goddamn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation

Jack Twist
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Names Jack, Jack Twist. Sure friend me if ya want - always open for a friend. Got a boy, Bobby, looks just like me. Im a social guy. an the kinda fella who jumps at a chance ta ride somn hard! yeehaw!

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Date Created:2006-03-13
Number of Posts: 38

Jack Twist is an outgoing rodeo man who falls in love and lives a lie. He is passionate, impulsive, the kind of person who wants the best out of life but rarely gets it.
Strengths: Passionate Stubborn Loving Friendly
Weaknesses: Loving (falls hard) impulsive Is living a compromised life
Special Skills: Rodeo Successful Combine salesman
Weapons: not very good with a rifle; flashes a toothy grin
Most famous quote: This is a goddamn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation.

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Jack Twist is a character from Brokeback Mountain, an Ang Lee Film and Annie Proulx short story. I do not own him, just like to muse on him and role play him. There WILL BE and IS explicit content of the hetero and homosexual nature. Mun is over 18. So is the pup. If you're not, you shouldnt be reading this, and if you choose to, dont let the `rents see, kids.

Mun also has the pups Mark Cohen from Jonathan Larsons Rent , poetic_mark. Donnie Darko of Donnie Darko , not_manipulated, and Guido Maffeo of Anne Rice's Cry to Heaven, guido_maffeo,Gladiator's Maximus kill_ceasar and The Documentary Artist's Sebastian X the_docu_artist.

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